Water Purifier Buying Guide – Brands, Price, Reviews

Water purifier is necessary nowadays especially if you use underground water for drinking as these can contaminants. Before you start looking for a water purifier you should also keep some points about water in mind:
Water should deliver essential nutrients and minerals like calcium,magnesium, potassium and trace elements needed to live.
Water helps in balancing out the acidic state of the body. These acid wastes accumulate –because of pollutants, modern diet and stress — our tissues slowly deteriorate. Chronic diseases such as cancer, arthritis, diabetes and osteoporosis are associated with this acid condition. Water should help balance out our acidic state by being alkaline.
Water should have antioxidant properties. Oxidization hastens cell breakdown, while foods with antioxidant properties prevent it. You don’t need anyone to tell you that you want a body that generates cells, not destroys them!
Your water should be free of contaminants. People are shocked when they hear that there can be over 2000 contaminants in an ordinary glass of tap water
Different water purifiers use different methods of purification, some have three purification stages and some five or more. A higher number of purification levels ensure cleaner drinking water. Its necessary to know about what each stage does and then choose the purifier you think is the best for your home.
Pre filter purification
A micron pre-filter is designed to remove silt, dust and dirt particles from the water before it enters the main filter of the unit.

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Water Purifier Buying Guide – Brands, Price, Reviews


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