UPS Buying Guide – Brands, Reviews, Price

Your expensive computer and the more important data in it could be rendered useless due to power surges, spikes and brownouts. This is exactly why it’s best to have a UPS or Uninterruptible Power Supply(which comes with a built-in voltage stabilizer blocking energy surges that could damage your computer) that is designed to firewall you against such power disturbances and more importantly, power up your computer even when there is no electricity. Here are a few tips that should help you make a more informed UPS purchasing decision.
This is a more common solution to those that need a constant source of power to their equipments should the power go out. The two main types of UPS systems are Standby and Line Interactive:
Standby Power System (SPS)
Provides surge-protected power to your equipment. However, in the event of a power irregularity or failure, the Standby UPS will switch to battery backup.
Online UPS System
Enhanced power protection with Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR). The AVR allows the UPS to handle a more diverse range of power irregularities without necessarily having to go to battery mode. The system will then go to battery backup in the event of a power outage. If you are a home user, go for the relatively cheaper SPS. The price of an online UPS is three to five times that of a standby UPS with the same power rating.

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UPS Buying Guide – Brands, Reviews, Price


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