Rice Cooker Buying Guide – Brands, Prices, Reviews

Electric rice cookers, a variation of pressure cookers, don’t necessarily need to be used only to cook rice. They can also be used to boil dal and sabzi.But not to fry or sauté. What differentiates a rice-cooker from a pressure-cooker is that though it cooks under covered pressure, it works more like a steamer – the lid is loosely fitted and is held down by its own weight.It consumes between 400W to 900W.
On/Off Rice Cookers
The least expensive rice cooker although it is perfectly capable of cooking a good batch of rice. Just add rice and water, and it will turn off once the rice is cooked. These lack many of the features seen in a higher priced cooker, such as non-stick rice pans, and indicator lights. They work well as a basic, small rice cooker.

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Rice Cooker Buying Guide – Brands, Prices, Reviews


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