Dishwasher Buying Guide – Brands, Price, Reviews,Models

You might find the energy to rustle up some dinner for the family after a long day’s work, but scrubbing those dishes can really be a pain. This is where the dishwasher steps in. It really simplifies your life. Even for those with maids, a dishwasher delicately washes off all the grub from your delicate crockery as well, something you wouldn’t trust your maid with. However, before you invest on this wonder machine, there are few things to be considered.
Firstly depending on the number of people in the household, you can pick the capacity you want, ie capacity in terms of the number of utensils. This also depends on your food habits. Those from the old school still eat in big thaalis and drink from the big lassi glasses, in which case, you will automatically require more space than the standard dinner plate size. Higher capacity machines are able to accommodate more utensils in one wash load. Dishwashers currently can wash a maximum of 116 utensils. When you’re at the dealers, place the dishes in the dishwasher, so you definitely know what kind and how many dishes fit into the dishwasher you’re aim to buy. The minimum capacity a dishwasher offers is 4-plate settings; high-end machines have 12 or 14 plate settings. Machines with 4-plate settings can accommodate up to 32 utensils. So you don’t have to worry about the post-party scene at home.

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Dishwasher Buying Guide – Brands, Price, Reviews


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