Cooking Range Buying Guide – Brands, Price, Reviews

December 11th, 2009

A cooking range can really simplify your life. It’s a boon for the early morning rush – multiple burners and variety of options such as cooking, baking, sometimes grilling too. Knowing the diversity of our mass, here are cooking ranges of all sizes available at affordable prices.

You would go for a cooking range because:
You have a large family and a regular gas oven is not enough.
It is ideal for those lavish dinner parties as it allows you to cook, bake as well as grill.
It saves space in you kitchen. You can do two things at the same time – bake your son’s birthday cake along with preparing breakfast.
As always knowing how much you want to spend on a cooking range will help you narrow the choice. Also, it would be wise to know what features you would want in your microwave as your price is directly proportional to the features. A basic cooking range with triple triple or four burners will be extremely affordable; with an OTG, it will be featuring in the mid-range category, a range with hot plate, OTG, grill and so on will naturally be high-end. Similarly, features like pilot or auto ignition system, oven capacity, gas burners, affect the price of a cooking range.

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Cooking Range Buying Guide – Brands, Price, Reviews


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