Vacuum Cleaner Buying Guide – Prices, Reviews, Brands in India

Vacuum cleaners sucks out the dirt and dust from hard to reach places and thus truly cleans your house. You can use vacuum cleaner to clean out stubborn dust and dirt particles that remain on the sofas, carpets, curtains and all other unimaginable places. Different types of vacuum cleaners are required for different tasks. There are variety of vacuum cleaners available – like uprights and steam vacuum cleaners. Uprights are a good choice if you have carpeted floors. Steam vacuum cleaners have self-contained steam cleaning features, for deeper cleaning and sanitizing of your floor.


Handy Vacuum Cleaner

Handy or Handheld vacuum cleaners are small and light vacuum cleaners and are usually cordless. Handy vacuum cleaners are used to clean nooks, corners and other such spots that a larger vacuum cannot access e.g. car seats. This can cost you anywhere between Rs 650 to Rs 2,500.

Compact Vacuum Cleaner

These are also useful for room-to-room touch up dusting as well as car cleaning. Compact vacuum cleaners are the small sized vacuum cleaners. They are low powered and the dust bags need to be emptied often. These are especially designed for quick spot cleanups or dry spills, and are best used in cars and room-to-room touch-ups. They are not as light as the handy ones but are still very portable and ideal for a small home. The price of a compact vacuum cleaner ranges from Rs 2,250 to Rs 9,990.

Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Canister vacuum cleaners have the suction motor and the filtering system in a square or a rectangular container. They come with a strong suction but are much heavier, have heavy attachments and can be very cumbersome to use around. Although, they are all-purpose, they are best for hardwood and vinyl floors and thick carpets. The price range of canister is anywhere between Rs 2,690 and Rs 21,500.

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