ties up with Vashi Cultural Association has strategically tied up with Vashi Cultural Association. As part of this, will develop and maintain VCA website and VCA will promote

Vashi Cultural Association website is being launched on 24th September, the URL for website is

About Vashi Cultural Association

Vashi Cultural Association was founded in 2005 in Vashi, Navi Mumbai. VCA engages in various Bengali Cultural Activities and is one of the premier cultural clubs in Mumbai.Vashi Cultural Association believes in harmony and participation to keep Bengali tradition and culture alive. Located at Navi Mumbai, which is over thousand miles away from the West Bengal, VCA’s endeavor has been to enliven the spirit of Bengal amidst the cosmopolitan culture of Mumbai.

VCA also has a commitment towards the society and continuously strive to contribute our efforts towards its betterment. VCA has an active participation in various social causes and have always volunteered to combat against various dooms including illiteracy, oppression towards women, damages due to natural calamities help the economically poor and nurturing talent to name a few.

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