Air Cooler Buying Guide

Air coolers are a good alternative to air-conditioners, for those who can’t afford them and for those who live in dry areas. It is based on a very simple principle – water is put into a cooler, which is circulated by a pump and sprinkled continuously on to fiber pads. This continuous motion evaporates all the heat and cools the air, which is then thrown out into the room, thereby cooling it.

Before you buy a cooler, it’s sensible to analyse why you want to buy a cooler. Firstly, a cooler will give slightly dampened cooling, so it is not very conducive to humid climates. However, it is the ideal cooling option in a dry climate, as it will give you the much-needed moisture along with a welcome respite from the heat. Also, you need to figure out the capacity of the cooler you’ll need. A capacity smaller than what’s needed could defeat the purpose and will be a waste of your money. Therefore, gauging your room size and the number of people go in for a suitable capacity.
Types of Air Coolers
Single-stage and two-stage
Single-stage or direct evaporative coolers are by far the most common and are categorised primarily by pad style. These are extensively available in most stores in our country. Then there are window-mounted coolers. This is a low-cost installation model and is the most commonly used.



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