Air Conditioner Buying Guide

What you should look for when buying an airconditioner and the pros and cons of different types.
Every summer seems to be hotter than the last so if you haven’t yet installed an airconditioner, now is probably the time. This guide covers the features you should consider when purchasing an airconditioner and the pros and cons of different types.
The size of your airconditioner is very important. You need to think about whether you are cooling a single room, a selection of rooms or the entire house. If the airconditioner is too small you won’t cool down and you’ll waste electricity running it on high all the time. If, on the other hand, you choose an airconditioner that’s too large for your needs you’ll have to switch it off regularly when you become too cold. Switching it on and off all the time will also waste energy.
Energy efficiency
Check the energy rating of the airconditioner you are considering. All airconditioners should have an energy-rating label which uses stars to rate the efficiency. The more stars the better. Also on the label will be an energy consumption box. The lower the number, the less it will cost to run.
The fan in the airconditioner circulates the cool air around the room. Look out for airconditioners with a variety of airflow settings. While a high setting is good for cooling a room quickly, it can be quite noisy so you need to be able to adjust it to a lower level that keeps the room cool but quiet.
Noise level
It may sound pedantic but you need to check how noisy your airconditioner will be. If it’s noisy, not only will it annoy you in your home but your neighbours may be affected too.
A timer lets you switch your airconditioner at certain times even when you are not at home. This works well to cool the house down an hour or so before you arrive home.
Ionisers can emit a stream of clean, fresh, negatively charged air. This reduces airborne odours by producing traces of ozone that can reenergize the enironment.
Sensors which can monitior room temperature can be located in the air conditioner unit and also the remote control unit.Air Conditioner Buying Guide
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